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  • The Boys in the Band

    The Boys in the Band


    To paraphrase a character, this is an experience akin to witnessing a car accident and not wanting to avert our eyes. In a broad sense, there’s very little sense of catharsis for all the depressing bickering that we see from a group of such detestable, one-dimensional people.

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  • The Truth

    The Truth


    There isn’t much in this film that we haven’t seen in so many others alike, which is a bummer considering its dream cast (although Ethan Hawke is sadly wasted). In the end, this is a rather superficial (and banal) drama that doesn’t go deep enough into its themes as one would hope.

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  • The Handmaiden

    The Handmaiden

    Park Chan-Wook explores the power of narrative (the way you tell a story and its ramifications), creating another astounding visual spectacle full of dark humor, sexual desire, betrayal and revenge, with intense performances and a wonderful production design, editing and score.

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  • Us



    If there is something more terrifying than alien body snatchers, it is our own dark sides crawling out of our depths to take our places in society, and Peele creates an intelligent allegory replete with symbolism of how today's 'US' is making this red chain of madness all the more possible.

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