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  • Elise



    β€ͺBlossoms with more beauty in my memory the more I think about it. Presents a beautifully predetermined course our lives and we ourselves chart with hurt, laughter, and humanity.‬

    *Review and podcast will be up soon on Unreel.

  • Velvet Buzzsaw

    Velvet Buzzsaw


    A bit of a stretch as far as punchlines go. Elite art snobs befalling gruesome deaths is cathartic and funny, I guess. I’m clueless still about what exactly the movie is trying to say (if any), save for its lip-smacking reiteration that Jake Gyllenhaal’s body is absolute perfection, which as we all know is a universal truth.

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  • The Eagleman Stag

    The Eagleman Stag


    I am met with an astounding feat that is all at once beautiful and intelligent. There’s power in the muteness of Michael Please’s β€œThe Eagleman Stag” in its sharp storytelling, economical aesthetic and white-against-white cinematography, all sublimely pushing forward the film’s message and themes. Far-reaching in both conceit and aesthetic, the terrific stop-motion short is centered on an elderly taxonomist obsessed with the human perception of time. It is an interesting set-up by Please, essentially pointing out the inevitable diminishing…

  • Vampire Academy

    Vampire Academy


    Especially after the recent barrage of uncompromising, vamp-erotic films, much appreciation is due for "Vampire Academy," a film that liberates from traditional vampire lore. The film's blood suckers do not burn nor sparkle in the sun, but as one character declares later in the film: blood, still, connects [them] all. In this respect, young-adult author Richelle Mead has conceived an upbeat, refreshing look at the slowly deteriorating night creatures, this time making them instrumental to what (unfortunately, little) success the…