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  • Jigsaw



  • Loving Vincent

    Loving Vincent


    Gets a little tedious narratively, but succeeds in painting an affecting portrait of the neglected. I'm not so hot about the mystery framing, but I like the idea that each vignette serves as though strokes that make the whole portrait.

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  • The Eagleman Stag

    The Eagleman Stag


    I am met with an astounding feat that is all at once beautiful and intelligent. There’s power in the muteness of Michael Please’s “The Eagleman Stag” in its sharp storytelling, economical aesthetic and white-against-white cinematography, all sublimely pushing forward the film’s message and themes. Far-reaching in both conceit and aesthetic, the terrific stop-motion short is centered on an elderly taxonomist obsessed with the human perception of time. It is an interesting set-up by Please, essentially pointing out the inevitable diminishing…

  • Vampire Academy

    Vampire Academy


    Especially after the recent barrage of uncompromising, vamp-erotic films, much appreciation is due for "Vampire Academy," a film that liberates from traditional vampire lore. The film's blood suckers do not burn nor sparkle in the sun, but as one character declares later in the film: blood, still, connects [them] all. In this respect, young-adult author Richelle Mead has conceived an upbeat, refreshing look at the slowly deteriorating night creatures, this time making them instrumental to what (unfortunately, little) success the…