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  • Downrange



    Boy, I love me some containment thrillers even if they're chock full of atrocious dialogue and poor performances. Still prefer Kitamura's earlier work, but there were a few fun, intensely gory moments that make this worth a very light recommend for horror fans.

  • Kill Me Please

    Kill Me Please


    Kill Me Please works as a well shot story of adolescence, but it doesn’t fully delve far enough into its intriguing premise, causing the results to feel slightly hollow and leaving me wanting more conflict and fewer make-out scenes.

    Full review: Film Pulse

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  • Batman vs. Robin

    Batman vs. Robin


    Best part was when Nightwing pulled the cape over a 12 year-old's head and repeatedly punched him in the face.

  • Contracted


    One of the most infuriatingly frustrating films I've seen this year. The premise is genuinely creepy (and gross) but the actions of the entire cast are completely illogical and ridiculous.

    If your vagina is gushing blood and maggots, your eyes are bleeding, your fingernails are falling off, and your hair is coming out in clumps you'd probably go to the hospital right? Apparently not if you're a self-centered twenty-something. In that case, you go to work, then try to win…