Friends with Kids ★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Things start off pretty poorly with forced dialogue and two actors at the centre of the story who struggle to hold their own as leads, but the film gets a little more interesting later on after they have done the deed and the kid arrives.

Unfortunately, 'more interesting' means the rolling out of familiar ideas around relationships and cliche plot points that have been well overused by this point. The couple who row the most are the strongest, the couple who fuck the most are the weakest and the couple who have been friends since they were kids discover its because they are meant to be together.

Maya Rudolph screeches her way through the film in the most unbelievably irritating way, Chris O Dowd drops his cheeky Irish accent in favour of a limp NY drawl and Megan Fox wears a dress. Also, does anyone else think Jennifer Westfeldt looks like Lisa Kudrow with a half-tonne of Botox and dermal fillers shot into her face?

Friends With Kids isn't completely without value, the dinner table scene for example is interesting and allows some of the characters to come and play a little, but with so much talent on show (Wiig, Hamm and Burns are hugely underused) you'd expect perhaps a little more focus on them from the outset. The film will pass the time, but it has very little going on.