Prometheus ★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I thought it important to give this another watch after having been extremely disappointed by the initial viewing which, instead of providing answers to the origins of a franchise I know and love, raised only more questions.

The first thing one has to do when approaching Prometheus is to come to terms with the fact that it doesn't take place on LV-426, the planet where Ridley and her crew find themselves stumbling upon an abandoned ship and a deadly race of xenomorphs, but on the neighbouring LV-223. Of course, the most hardened of fans will either know this intricate piece of data or pick up on it straight away, but for those expecting the closing act of the film to match up with what is discovered by the Nostromo in Ridley's 1979 original it could prove to be what makes or breaks this film on first inspection - as it did for me.

Let me be clear, I was angry with Prometheus (rightly or wrongly I neither know nor care) for not being the Alien prequel I wanted it to be. Instead, I found it to be a messy, confusing set up for a new franchise that may or may not get me to where I expected this long-awaited installment to get me in one sitting. I was angry that I had so many questions, that the structure of the film was so poor, that the pacing was off and that Scott had squandered the chance to do something very special in favour of something quite ineffectual. But I can say that anger has now subsided to mere disappointment thanks to this second viewing three days later.

Some of the bigger questions I had have been answered to a degree, allowing me to treat Prometheus as a vehicle for potential theories rather than definitive plot (oh hello Damon Lindelof) and on the whole, I was able to enjoy it this time for its aesthetics. I still don't understand David's ever-changing motives, what the opening sequence really means, why the surviving engineer chooses to go after Shaw instead of completing his mission using one of the other ships or why that Scottish woman was allowed anywhere near this film with her horrific line delivery, but with lowered expectations, I'm just a little more content with things overall... which hopefully explains why I've bumped it up by half a star here.

I accept that I wanted this to be an Alien prequel and that Scott and co didn't (I should point out I avoided all trailers, discussions and news on this film prior to its release) and that this is a problem I have created for myself. However, I feel the poor script and lack of focus means that for me, the director will ultimately get his wish. Like AVP and AVP Requiem, this will find a place on my blu-ray shelf eventually, just not sat next anywhere near my Alien Quadrilogy box set.