The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

Trying to decipher if I really liked it or just thought it was okay. The cast was amazing(no shock) and the tone/setting were some of my favorite aspects of the film. I can see why this film is mixed because it can either be your kind of thing or not. In my opinion, it’s by no means an awful film, there were parts of it I just couldn’t get on board with, the narration being one of them, particularly because there was unnecessary exposition that the audience could easily guess because of the actors expressions and actions. I thought it was alright, not as outstanding as I’d hoped, but there was just something about missing for me with character storylines and the amount of time we spent with them, for as long as the movie was, I feel as if we didn’t really get to spend enough  time with each character. I don’t know, these are just my first impressions.

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