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  • Silent Nights

    Silent Nights

    I am just going to copy-paste the comment I wrote on Facebook in response to my friend Trenten's asking my thoughts of the film. I think it succinctly sums up what I think made it so terrible. (I almost never capitalize the first word of sentences on FB, so apologies for that)

    it wanted to be culturally relevant by making a tale specifically on refugees. I think the film wanted to humanize Kwame and gave him conflict that average viewers…

  • Cupcakes



    2017 Queer Films Challenge
    Week 7: A Middle Eastern queer film.

    This was so freakin' adorable. As far as vibrant color palettes in movies go, I'm like a cat with a laser pointer. The colors in this one are marvelous, it could have been the worst movie in the world and I still wouldn't have been able to take my eyes away. As for the movie itself, it's pretty cute, if formulaic and rarely taking any real risks in storytelling.…

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  • Catwoman


    Since this film goes quite beyond an actual conventional review, here is a list of questions I asked myself while watching Catwoman:

    1. Why the CGI crane shots?
    2. Why does Halle Berry dress so funny?
    3. Is there a single shot in this film that lasts longer than four seconds?
    4. What compels her to risk her life to save a damn cat?
    5. How does that dude run up eight flights of stairs in 12 seconds?
    6. Why…

  • Bambi Meets Godzilla

    Bambi Meets Godzilla


    Still a better love story than Twi- *gets pelted at with tomatoes*