A Walk to Remember

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This review may contain spoilers.

It actually kinda makes sense how Mandy Moore wouldn't let her boyfriend know that she's had leukemia. Right after she breaks the news to him, the movie devotes an entire Sad Boy Montage to him, including chats with his bros on how he's getting along. And it takes him a while to not get super offended by her confession. After that point, despite all the moments they've shared together - dinner, stargazing, discussing bucket lists, applying removable butterfly tattoos - he now only sees her for her illness. Which is real fucked up.

In general, I can't imagine how anyone could enjoy this film, except as a profession of Good Christian Morals, which nonetheless justifies the terminal illness of a nice, smart girl. The film isn't even about her as much as it is about Landon's road to maturation - hypermasculinity and daddy issues abound - with a little help from the sick, sad girl who teaches him the true, important beauty of life itself. It's just a real hateful movie. At least we get a good Male Crying Scene, so there's that.