Sorry to Bother You ★★★½

I watched this as part of the San Francisco International Film Festival with a Q&A following. I will respect Boots Riley's wishes that as little of this film be revealed to the public before its wider opening in July, but I will say that it's absolutely bonkers. It suffers from a lack of focus that come with many filmmakers' debut films, but it has so many wild and eccentric ideas that are confidently thrown at the screen, it's just too damn admirable to not enjoy at least a little bit.

I experienced the cinematic equivalent of whiplash numerous times through this film, which I think is one of the highest praises I could give it. A dark comedy fiercely critical of white supremacist capitalism, accompanied by a groovy-as-hell soundtrack (shoutout to The Coup!), spearheaded by extravagant performances by Lakeith Stanfield and Tessa Thompson, and pulsing with a unique urban energy specific to Oakland, CA - if any of this sounds like it's up your alley, it totally is.