Tom at the Farm ★★★

2017 Queer Films Challenge
Week 4: A film directed by Xavier Dolan

Although I wouldn't call myself a true "fan" of Xavier Dolan, I do find something to appreciate with pretty much everything I've seen of his. I even love a couple of his films. With that said, this one is by far his least interesting film. I wish the focus of the narrative as a whole leaned more toward the direction of mourning for a lost lover in dire circumstances, like the first third of the film. Instead, we get a psychological cat-and-mouse game of manipulation and abuse between the protagonist and his dead boyfriend's brother. It's mostly boring and lacks a lot of the emotional connection that Dolan is usually so good at conveying.

I admire the change in style to something a shade darker than his earlier stuff, but the actual substance leaves much more to be desired. Also, there aren't any slow-mo music montages and those are easily my favorite parts of any Dolan film, so points off for that.

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