Kate Plays Christine ★★★

I'm not sure any approach to this material, no matter how thoughtful or sensitive, could keep me from feeling a little icky about the entire endeavor. And I'm sure there are other contenders, but Greene's climax is my frontrunner for 'worst directorial decision of the year' – so damning that this positive rating was hardly guaranteed.

But look, whether driven by my own appetite for the macabre or not, actress Kate Lyn Sheil's journey to try to understand and embody Christine Chubbock is a fascinating one. When focused on that artistic pursuit – and not laboring for NIGHTCRAWLER-esque indictments of the media and viewing public - the movie succeeds. Plus, ickiness aside, there's something perhaps genuinely brilliant about KPC's conceit. Any biopic of this sort suffers from the compulsion (unavoidable, arguably) to explain what drives people to commit unexplainable acts. Greene astutely avoids this impossibility by dramatizing the impossibility of someone actually becoming another.