The Truman Show ★★★★½

Another family movie experience, this time no trauma. The 11- and 8-year olds were both riveted; Sophie was so plugged in that when they were trying to find Truman in the dark she said, "Why don't they just turn on the lights?" Cue the sun!

I can't figure why I didn't appreciate this movie more when I saw it back in '98. Save one crucial Jim Carrey line reading that still feels false ("You were never inside my head"), and the somewhat curious decision to not fully introduce Christoph sooner even though the walls of his perfectly constructed facade are crumbling long before a renegade character reintroduces himself to Truman, it all works -- the Director/God-Star/Adam parallels, the TV satire that's smart enough to illustrate the agonies AND potential for ecstasy of popular entertainment... even the forbidden love story is sweet.

The "I'm not in on it" scene between Noah Emmerich and Carrey is a subtextual marvel too. Is Marlon just a talented actor doing what he has to do to save the show and his job? Or is he a talented actor who happens to be, in this moment, coming to terms with the full depth of the betrayal of his 'friend'?

"We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented." Until we can't.