X-Men: Days of Future Past ★★½

When Wolverine wakes up, and his clock radio is playing "Power of Love," and his mom isn't a drunk anymore, and that sweet truck he was pining for is out in the driveway, all waxed up by Magneto and ready to go... that was awesome.

Not without redeeming facets — among them, every scene involving Quicksilver and that sequence where Michael Fassbender almost crashes a jet into the ocean simply by standing up and raising his voice because he's Michael Fassbender and you know he could do it, damnit, he could totally do it. I just wish Simon Kinberg's semi-inane script and Bryan Singer's goofy direction — Austin Powers' shagadelic '60s offered a grittier version of the past — had a fraction of the force and conviction that Fassbender and James McAvoy bring to their performances. They deserve to be in a better movie with a man-out-of-time protagonist and a central weapon designed to neutralize those who might threaten the United States' security... Maybe Ellen Page could transport them to CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER.