Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai ★★★★★

Nothing short of absolutely incredible. Seven Samurai is a film that had me constantly glued to the screen and thoroughly entertained for an almost 3 and a half hour runtime, and any movie that can do that gets an automatic high rating from me. It's one of those films you just can't stop watching, and then it pays off with a masterful ending. Genuinely can't believe this was made over 60 years ago.
You know those moments when you're watching a movie that's so investing and well made that you forget you're watching a movie? Seven Samurai is one of the few films that absolutely transported me into its storytelling to the point where I forgot about everything else. One of Kurosawa's finest masterworks and his most praised for good reason, can't believe I haven't seen this till now. Brilliant, iconic and unbelievably influential, Seven Samurai is a must watch feature for good reason, it's just one of the most well made and put together films of all time.
I have some very small nitpicks but overall this was so incredibly well made from the editing, to the unrivaled camerawork, to the writing, to the music, to the action and the performances and the character writing and the spectacular pacing. Almost everything is just so perfect and a highlight of Japanese and 20th century cinema as a whole.


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