Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy ★★½

Viewing this as a kid’s movie, it’s a win. If I was 8 years old and saw this for the first time I would love it. As a movie though, it’s not very good. The plot is modernized with an over-reliance on video games & advanced technology and this could become cheesy and super cartoonish at times. Is that what it’s going for? Probably, but it was didn’t work for me. I was irritated with a lot of the decisions made surrounding the game of basketball itself—if you watch the movie you will understand. 

I will say LeBron isn’t as terrible of an actor as people will make him out to be—there’s actually a few emotionally resonant moments between him & his son in the movie. The Warner Bros fan service is all over this, but it had me laughing at times. The use of other properties was cleverly done for the most part but could get a little overkill at times. There’s a clear standout moment that had the whole theater laughing out loud. There’s fun moments here, but the story is lacking and at times it just feels like a cash grab. The opening credits are HYPE though. Worth a watch for fans of the original & LeBron stans, but it’s not great unfortunately. A meh movie with some moments to shine! 

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