Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★½

Um.. yeah I got that? I think🤔 The Surreality of it all and ooh yeah very Lynchian (me saying this after only having watched Blue Velvet, but after this, I definitely get the jist) as it shows the underbelly and harsh reality behind the glamour of Hollywood through the story of Diane slowly revealing the truth, alongside other subplots which I kinda understood.

The blue box, that singer in the club, those mini grandparents, so much surreal stuff that made my head spin, but since I was kinda drunk and was bonkers in general it was a wild ride.

From what I got from it I really liked it and thought it’s story and brooding and unsettling tone juxtaposed with the cheery optimism of Betty is done great. Also Naomi Watts and Laura Harring make a great pair in this!

I’m sure when I rewatch it and fully grasp Lynch’s vision, I’ll appreciate the film a bit more as on this viewing I was really enjoying the film with its suspense and noir elements, but definitely missed some bits and scenes.