Catch Me If You Can ★★★★

16 year old leo lies about who he is to have an absolute insane amount of sex with women far too old for him and it made me grimace every time. the score is gorgeous and unrelenting. lots of in-room debate about whether Tom Hanks is hot or not (he obviously is). gabe said “hee hee” a lot and it was very funny. we all cheered when the ending said the two of them were still close friends

some very interesting themes about authority and what it means to be competent. sometimes all you want is just a dad to come in and tell you what to do and fix your life. sometimes we want it so bad we parent the people around us!

this was the last official group movie night at demi’s apartment and it is sad but also exciting!! we had a blast and there was a moment where we all did improv and it made me laugh so hard i wanted to throw up. what a bad cool feeling

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