Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★½

i busted out my laptop for this one so you know that it's real. let's get into it

the pacing is just bad. i'm sorry, but it is. i know that Tarantino is known for being self-congratulatory but man, the guy sure loves to follow people around while they drive, or watch people watch movies, and on and on and on. i love watching movies too, QT, but i don't love doing it so much that i wanna watch other people do it

Leo's character is by far the best part, and any time he or Pitt was not on screen was spent wondering when they would be coming back. BUT at the same time, you really want me to sit here and believe that a white man in his late 30s is getting kicked to the curb in Hollywood? Pitt just did an interview with People where he said he would shift to producing because acting is "a young man's game," in a year where he is starring in this and Ad Astra, arguably two of the most anticipated films of the year. And Brad Pitt is in his mid-50's. soooooo idk. something's fishy there.

the Sharon Tate controversy probably deserves to be a thing. any film that has a focus on her during the time of her death will inevitably use the murder as a plot device or a way to build tension, more than any attempt to "make her more than her death" could overcome. because i know lots of people who are strong women and also hardly speak /s

the whole thing leans on cameos a bit too much but who am i to complain. i just watched Popstar and half of those jokes are "can you believe this famous person signed on to do this movie" and i loved it, so, i guess this is fine too

idk. this movie is fine. the editing is truly abysmal, it's 45 minutes too long, and it is rife with all of the issues of any recent Tarantino flick. but damn if Leo and Pitt can't act their faces off. and i'm a sucker for some good Hollywood nostalgia. so slap that 7/10 rating on there, because this is just like any other movie, and i can't wait to die arguing about how aggressively okay it is.

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