Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★½

“i cannot begin to tell you how much i’ve thought about it”

this was maybe my most anticipated movie since it screened at Sundance last year and i feel ok about it. 

it’s at its best when it focuses on how trauma bleeds into the other people in our life, the way that it weighs on us even when we didn’t directly experience it. how when we don’t take active steps to heal, we are stunted, stopped in our tracks until our pain is dealt with properly. looking too closely at the way the cards are stacked, at how these systems work, at the damage that could be inflicted at any possible moment, at the ease with which that damage compounds... realizing this would make any rational person go insane. so instead we choose to not look.

feels about 65% there, but the nuance is missing. Cassandra has more in common with the society (read: men) she is fighting against than she would probably like to admit, though the movie doesn’t really want you to know that. but on the other hand, if i wanted to watch something that reveled in female righteousness, i would probably choose a movie that does so wholeheartedly and unabashedly. Assassination Nation hive rise up!

surprisingly not as triggering as i expected it to be.

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