Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

David Fincher's meticulously crafted thriller adapted from the Gillian Flynn novel is quite possibly his best work since Zodiac. Both Affleck and Pike are electrifying, both together and in their own scenes. Fans of the upcoming BatsvSupes film will be chuffed to see much of the bulk hid underneath Afflecks clothing - the guy is a tank!
Tyler Perry brings a much needed air of humour to the story without being comediac. As always, Jeff Cronnenwealth's camera work picks up all the details whislt maintaining an aura of elegance in every shot. If you liked what Reznor and Ross did on The Social Network score well then, you're in for a treat - it's pure class!

I had a thought towards the final act and its this: If The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was about men who hate women, the Gone Girl is the gender opposite.

Gone Girl is an exillerating, refreshing film in a year filled with disappointments, sequels and reboots. Filled with wonderfully dialogue and lush cinematography. I'm confident it'll end up on a lot of people's best of 2014 lists.

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