The Searchers

The Searchers ★★★★½

I don't think any other director has made Monument Valley look so hauntingly beautiful as John Ford.

John Wayne has said that The Searchers was his favourite film that he ever stared in, and it's easy to see why. A man with serious moral complexities, on a rescue mission to save his neice from the Comanches, is subjectively handled by Ford, we never know if we should be rooting for Wayne's Ethan, or the Comanches.

As much as The Searchers is a very masculine film, it does have a strong female characters that clearly are the backbone of the story. Vera Miles, who in the same year starred in Hitchcock's Wrong Man, is a formidable character in the pantheon of strong female leads, and puts in a great turn here alongside her male equals.

The Searchers may have aged in terms of its racist and sexist overtones, yet it manages to be more positive overall.

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