Da 5 Bloods

Da 5 Bloods ★★★½

More enjoyable than not but he really couldn’t have hammered some of those points more if he tried. The slideshow technique would’ve been better if it wasn’t so overused to the point of being tedious and disrupting the flow and transition of scenes.  Essentially making it a pseudo history lesson.But I did think it was employed well when the viet soldiers were chastising the GIs.

But the irony or logic? of the film lays in how he’s gone and done what Hollywood does with Vietnam war films and jus recreate the war with an American victory , but this time he employs the twist of placing it alongside with the struggle black Americans face and the black lives matter movement. Well it sorta works and other times it kinda falls flat.

The Paul guy deffo a solid character and was handled better than most things in the film. Having him do that black power fist with the maga hat was something for sure.

It’s an alright film maybe at best good but white liberals and the like will prolly overrate it way more than it deserves cause how much spike lee hammers in that guilt and his themes. Like bro idk maybe make us work a lil more to understand and unpick the shit. Spike lee tries to make a smart political film that doesn’t feel very smart but is pretty political. Da 5 blood only really superficially says anything and what it does say isn't worth considering for too long. It’s laced with cool action and sketchy interpersonal relationships which play as it’s strengths though.

Ps why were the characters never aged younger in flashbacks except in the final scene. I’m torn between he either didn’t give a fuck or is some intentional statement but I think that might be giving him too much credit considering what I saw.

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