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  • Animal Attraction: Carnal Desires

    Animal Attraction: Carnal Desires

    In this MRG Entertainment offering, a masseur wanting to open his own spa is delighted when an investment banker takes interest in his dream. The problem is, the masseur is sleeping with the investor's wife, mistress and daughter! Animal Attraction: Carnal Desires is one of many softcore movies where there is more sex than plot and a limited budget, meaning every scene was shot in a limited number of indoor locations. This is not too much of a problem with…

  • Adventures of Tarzan

    Adventures of Tarzan

    The Adventures of Tarzan is a bizarre movie! On the one hand, you have family friendly song and dance numbers featuring animals and an expressionless Tarzan and on the other, villains who want to rape the lead actress, Kimi Katkar - this is also the movie, famous for Katkar featuring in multiple scenes where her breasts are visible through a wet blouse. Ironically the film was rated U by the Indian censors back in 1985! I'm assuming things like attempted…

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  • Carnal Sins

    Carnal Sins


    The majority of softcore titles made in the early 2000s, were very hit and miss. Made on small budgets with the intention of being shown on cable channels for a predominantly male audience, the sex was what mattered first and foremost, with trivialities such as production design and a script being an afterthought. These movies either recycled plots from 90s DTV erotic thrillers, or there was no plot at all and the movie would just be a series of vignettes…

  • Fantasy



    Jenny, not satisfied by her husband, indulges in a lesbian affair for sexual companionship. One day, she meets the man of her dreams, literally! Having seen Quentin's photo in a magazine when she was a teen, Jenny had been fantasizing about this stranger for years. Having finally met him, she wastes no time in sleeping with him. The two then make a pact. For one month, Quentin will act out her fantasies, if she in turn would do the same…