Malignant ★★★½

Like a Horror Genre Mixtape

THE STORY: Packing in a ton of elements, the story shifts tones a few times and misguides the nature of the villain, but does well to guide you with the hero. There are some themes that work, but others that feel a tad cliche and the campy nature of some characters felt displaced; go all or nothing. In the end it’s a thrilling convergence that, while not fully connecting the dots, felt very exciting

THE ACTING: You can see the general sense of fear from the whole cast, but in emotional beats it fell flat. I wasn’t particularly impressed with anyone, but the cops were by far the worst performances. They were written poorly and cliche, acting disbelieving and snarky. The campy tone (if it’s really campy) wasn’t effective, since it doesn’t go all in. It tip toes around several tones which made it inconsistent by the end

THE LOOK: You can certainly see the creativity. Swooping camera shots, lots of movement, unique camera positioning, dissolving environments as visions transition, even turning into full blown Aquaman-style action sequences. The visuals are all very well executed, however at times didn’t feel necessary. For instance the doll house tracking shot from above, running through the house, looks cool! But, it didn’t elevate the moment for me, so it felt misused or unnecessary despite being a fun shot

CRITICISMS: Is it a haunted house movie, paranormal sci-fi, campy horror comedy, surreal action epic? It’s crams in a lot! It does use a few too many jump scares for my taste, and like most you can start poking plot holes, but it’s an energizing experience nonetheless. It’s got great thrills, great camera works all in a memorable setting and a solid mystery and reveal, wrapping up an exciting horror ride 

SCORE: 7.5/10

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