Tenet ★★★★½

The Protagonist: This reversing the flow of time, doesn't us being here now, mean it never happened?

TENET is by far one of the most ambitious blockbusters I've seen in quite some time. Time Travel is an almost impossible thing to get right, it's a gateway to plot holes and conveniences but Nolan's approach to TENET.

TENET's insane time bending set pieces are is truly some of the best action sequences I've seen in quite some time with a practical scale rarely seen in action sequences, especially in today's CGI filled spectacle pieces.

John Washington and Pattinson's charisma and chemistry is really palpable and every scene they have together feels incredibly memorable, the supporting cast is all excellent as well with Kenneth Branagh and Elizabeth Debicki who have some really fantastic sequences together.

This is a real must watch and I'll probably be seeing it again soon, because there's still some really confusing stuff in here that demands multiple viewings.

2020 Ranked: boxd.it/4wNiE

Nolan Ranked: boxd.it/7HCH8

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