Midsommar ★★★★½

Every single review I make nowadays is plagued by my discussion of the cinematic experience and yes I can confirm the rumours are true I am indeed boring myself. But Jesus fuck guys if there's ever a movie that must be seen in a cinema to revel in a terrific atmosphere it's Midsommar. Hereditary was my favourite movie of last year and at this point in time it'd be sitting somewhere inside my top 30. I couldn't have been more excited for this and only a few hours since leaving that theatre I can safely say half of me knows it met and exceeded my expectations and the other half I have no fucking idea.

Performances are all solid, obviously Florence Pugh shines amongst them all and is really great in this. The daytime setting works wonders for Pawel Pogorzelski's cinematography, which is so unbelievably gorgeous on a level I still can't fully comprehend. The way it works with the terrific costume and production design and in general the perfect locations for it to prosper adds so much to this film it's not even funny. The imagery employed is unreal and very striking and the way the editing manipulates those images into an effective atmosphere makes the film increasingly successful. The score is fantastic! - something I think is a direct step-up from Hereditary (for the most part as there are tracks from that which are incredible) and as a whole I found myself noticing and enjoying the sound design throughout. I thought it was quite funny, if not for outright comedic moments but rather the hilarity in the absurdity. Similarly to Hereditary, the undercurrent of the film is at the forefront; in which the narrative acts as the shell for the subtext that you find inside it. Thematically there's so much richness involved and I have a feeling there's stuff I haven't completely picked up on yet, which is a testament to Aster and the (genius) way he moulds the story around those themes (and have the film prosper because of it).

There's about a million reasons to go see this again but fuck, the proceeding reason has to be Ari Aster's filmmaking. If he keeps making a film a year I will end up dying of brain aneurysms (which I wholeheartedly welcome!). I would very much like to see it again regardless but it is indescribable how on point he is, or should I say was considering Hereditary, but here it only confirms him as someone who has full control of their craft. How he's so in command of everything about both films is absolutely beyond me and yet it feels like he's only just getting started. Wildly impressed from the boy and you already know I'm down to clown for whatever dude is taking on next.

I did find it a little predictable for my liking and I can't lie I was waiting for another twist or turn towards the end and I'm not entirely sure where I stand on that at the moment. I also find the characters a bit iffy at certain points, and I guess in general I'm still letting things sink in. The stuff I might be misinterpreting or misunderstanding or just flat out missing completely could very well be resolved on a rewatch. As that is something I'm obviously going to do, I'm gonna give this 4.5 - but let it be known it very well could be a 5 but I would like to cement my wavering thoughts and see how I feel as a whole next time around. Regardless this shit is the real deal.

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