Tenet ★★★★½

One of the biggest things for me with Tenet is also the simplest; I love Christopher Nolan movies because at their core I just love watching his ideas unfold. Just how Interstellar was the movie that helped change my cinematic landscape, I'm adamant it's how I would've felt if it were this or Dunkirk or Inception instead. More than anything else I am just so captured by them and their strange sense of scale and they always send me back to a younger version of myself where I'm wide-eyed in astonishment.

This is also why the more ridiculousness of the film is something I can look past, because when I reduce this to it's very bare minimum - I just love watching it! Elizabeth Debicki's character constantly mentioning her son when the fate of the world is brought up or the dialogue from Kenneth Branagh's unreal comical Bond villain performance or the many skips over certain details of the film; I acknowledge them all but as usual I am closing my eyes, putting my fingers in my ears and reciting 'The Plan'.

This was an awesome rewatch and I can't wait to chuck in the 4K copy of this in the future cause it's seriously so beautiful. Easily one of the best looking movies of the year and Ludwig Göransson's score is without a doubt the best of 2020. The somewhat incomprehensible nature of Tenet is aided on these two facets and for me it works wonders. It's stupid, it's bold and ambitious as fack and I love absolutely all of it, warts and all, and I have for you a single word: underrated.

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