Favorite films

  • They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
  • Spirited Away
  • A Touch of Zen
  • Shaft

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  • Poison

  • The Rat Catcher

  • The Swan

  • The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar


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  • Saw X

    Saw X


    Okay yeah this is the best one. Exactly what I’ve wanted from the last…6 of these? A little wild that it took this long for them to finally center things around Kramer from start to finish but boy it’s worth the wait

  • The Creator

    The Creator


    Throughout this entire thing I couldn’t stop wondering “who the hell is rebraiding his cornrows?” because my brother JDW is bleeding, sweating, jumping into pools of water, really doing everything in his power to frizz & unravel them and then in a single shot towards the end they show him doing it himself. Never puts on a durag once. Crazy writing but genuinely something to admire if true, give him his flowers while he’s still here

Popular reviews

  • Bodies Bodies Bodies

    Bodies Bodies Bodies


    “Upper middle class” is used as effectively as a racial slur in this

  • Men


    Very cool Alex! Hope she sees this