Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

I hired you to be an actor Rick, not some TV cowboy. You’re better than that.

Very safe to say that Tarantino’s never made aaaaaaaaanything like this before. This is easily in his top 3. 
Until the final 20 minutes (which I can definitely confirm make up my favorite ending to a QT movie period, undisputed), Hollywood is about ten times less explosive and shocking than everything else in his filmography, yet simultaneously the most intoxicating, warm & watchable 2 hours and 41 minutes you could possibly wish for? I’m praying there’s enough cut out of this to make for a 4-hour cut one day because I didn’t want it to end at any point. Silently tragic and stomach-clenchingly hilarious all at the same time. I cried! For the first time watching any of this dude’s work!
A pair of truly defining performances from DiCaprio and Pitt, the former having one of the greatest breakdown scenes ever put to film and the latter shaping his character into the most wholesome, likeable dude in the entire thing! Brad deserves all the awards in the world for the final scene alone, the entire audience cheering and clapping as the madness unfolded pretty much spoke for itself. 
The 70mm print of this is expectedly delightful, and if you have the option of seeing it in that format you better take advantage of the opportunity.
It’s almost gonna be a shame if this isn’t his swan song because it would just make so much damn sense.

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