Her ★★★★½

"i think everyone who falls in love is a freak"

this right here omg it made me feel every emotion i have ever felt in the best way possible. from the beautiful aesthetics created in this world by the color palette, the music, and all the cinematography, made this feel so warm and cozy ugh. this future looks oddly realistic and i would love to live in it, i want all the technology in this to be real one day and i genuinely believe in our human capabilities to create them.
i never would have thought years ago when i first heard of it, but this film was able to portray so many intimate and personal human feelings and emotions. this was sooo good at doing that and in the most creative way possible, i'm literally tearing up about at how beautiful this was ok i'm done.
- theodore owns my heart 
- this so inspired that subplot in blade runner 2049

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