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  • The Land of Steady Habits

    The Land of Steady Habits


    Ben Mendelsohn is great in the central role, but this feels like a lot of incident and story strands awkwardly interweaved together that doesn't add up to much than yet another story of a well-off white man going through a mid-life crisis.

    It's fine, but this is the year 2018. And the angle filmmakers take on this subject as well as their insights are going to make a story like this feel less familiar. Otherwise, no matter how smart a…

  • Mandy



    Well-made and Cage is more restrained than normal considering the film around him is considerably crazier. I'm still wondering if the first half and the second half really fit together. There are memorable images in this film that I will long remember, but I admired it more than actually fully connecting to this relationship, as good as Cage and Riseborough are. Though the closest I came to that was that one-shot scene where Cage breaks down in the bathroom.

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  • Interstellar



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Seen on 70mm at the Ziegfeld Theater.

    For about 2/3rds of the running time, I was seriously considering the notion that this could be Nolan's best film.

    And then Matt Damon showed up and that last hour becomes an over-written, over-plotted mess, where certain characters become antagonists for no particularly worthwhile reason. Somebody needs to get Christopher Nolan to some screenwriting rehab that will rid him of his addiction to unnecessary plot twists.

    What's frustrating about this is that Nolan…

  • Listen Up Philip

    Listen Up Philip


    When the narrator's final summation of what a miserable asshole Philip is closes the film, the first thing I thought to myself was, "Yeah, I got this about two minutes into this movie." So, what else does this offer than pounding the same notes of asshole-dom and insufferability over and over again? I have no idea.

    Maybe, there was a time when I would have patience for this film, but, perhaps, the last couple of decades of independent film, where…