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  • Chris Rock: Tamborine

    Chris Rock: Tamborine


    It's been about 10 years and it's good to know Rock has changed a bit, but still gets at truth in his comedy. The second half where he deals with his divorce seems like the culmination of past specials where he was clearly dealing with troubles in his marriage. And that he's refreshingly willing to not self-aggrandize himself while not letting anyone off the hook in this situation shows why he's become the greatest living stand-up comedian today.

  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    Seen in IMAX at the famous Grauman's Chinese Theater.

    I hadn't bothered to see a Marvel movie in the theater since IRON MAN began this cycle of superhero movies in an underwhelming way. Instead of handing this off to another uninspired journeyman, BLACK PANTHER was given to the visually gifted Ryan Coogler and, just as important, his DP Rachel Morrison who provides the lighting for the Marvel film by a long shot where the cinematography is actually enhancing the story…

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  • Interstellar



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Seen on 70mm at the Ziegfeld Theater.

    For about 2/3rds of the running time, I was seriously considering the notion that this could be Nolan's best film.

    And then Matt Damon showed up and that last hour becomes an over-written, over-plotted mess, where certain characters become antagonists for no particularly worthwhile reason. Somebody needs to get Christopher Nolan to some screenwriting rehab that will rid him of his addiction to unnecessary plot twists.

    What's frustrating about this is that Nolan…

  • Listen Up Philip

    Listen Up Philip


    When the narrator's final summation of what a miserable asshole Philip is closes the film, the first thing I thought to myself was, "Yeah, I got this about two minutes into this movie." So, what else does this offer than pounding the same notes of asshole-dom and insufferability over and over again? I have no idea.

    Maybe, there was a time when I would have patience for this film, but, perhaps, the last couple of decades of independent film, where…