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  • Backwater



    A couple venture to the woods for some camping. After setting up camp they find out they are not alone and slowly begin to be terrorized.

    A familiar plot sure but this one sticks out from the rest. A cool plot twist changes the game in this one making it an even better film then it already was. Some gross gore thrown in as well. Most of the action happens in the dark which adds to the tension. You know something shitty is happening, just not sure exactly what.

    A dark, sick flick you must check out.

    3 pulled out organs out of 5.

  • The Sacred

    The Sacred


    A group of students working on a thesis head to a remote area in search of clues about an ancient tribe. Known as the place of judgement which looks into your soul and renders punishment. They soon find out the legend is true.

    This was done fairly well. Someone's past sins would manifest themselves and kill them. One guy threw rocks and killed a dog when he was a kid so he gets visited by the same dog which rips…

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  • HalloweeNight



    The town's local weirdo, has his scarecrow vandalized by a group of hoodlums. He exacts revenge by conjuring a spirit into the scarecrow and then has the scarecrow kill them all at a Halloween party.

    This one is a Polonia Brothers flick which is probably the best one I've seen. I should say compared to Sharkenstein and Bigfoot Vs Zombies anyways. He keeps it campy and entertaining. There is even some stop motion thrown in for added value.

    2 and a half times the scarecrow has to reassemble himself out of 5.

  • The Gracefield Incident

    The Gracefield Incident


    A found footage flick where a group of friends get together a cottage excursion. Since everyone is filming all the time, it only makes sense for something totally weird to happen. A meteor crashes near the cottage leaving a small stone with carvings on it. Bad things happen to everyone once the rock is brought to the cabin.

    This plot has been used more times then our local street ladies. The only thing different here is some cool looking aliens.…