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  • Wild Country

    Wild Country


    A youth group ends up camping with some werewolves. They look more like weremoles which adds to the cheese factor but CGI is avoided which is a change. This British horror never really takes off and the ending just irritates and its not because of the wolf fur.

    Another horror flick you might not want to add to your collection.

    2 flashlights wrapped with entrails out of 5.

  • Krampus: The Devil Returns

    Krampus: The Devil Returns

    Krampus returns to help Santa clean up the bad kids in town in one of the latest low budget offerings.

    This is one absolutely atrocious flick. The Krampus rubber mask is ridiculous (if only he looked like the one on the cover). The acting is going to be your last concern watching this one.

    There are a fair amount of Krampus films out there and several are doing sequels which confuses the hell out of everyone. So be careful what Krampus you crack out and avoid this one for sure.

    1 bad kid in Krampus' bag out of 5.

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  • The Axe Murders of Villisca

    The Axe Murders of Villisca


    Some friends visit a house where a family was killed by a possessed axe murderer. Of course they stir up the ghosts, then they get possessed and then kill each other. Sounds like a typical Saturday night.

    Pretty much the same shit we've seen time and time again. They do have some cool looking ghosts though.

    2 belly chops out of 5.

  • The Silent Scream

    The Silent Scream


    An 80's slasher classic that takes a bit to get going then gets entertaining. Playing the Psycho music every time someone was stabbed was a nice touch.

    Avery Schreiber played a detective but I couldn't take him serious, waiting for him to crunch a Dorito chip. The poor guy was in over 50 films but all I remember are those stupid commercials.

    All in all not a bad flick but anything with Cameron Mitchell rocks anyways.
    3 rented rooms out of 5.