I Am Cuba

I Am Cuba ★★★½

Yeah I'm going to die for this one. Just because your film has god tier cinematography doesn't mean you made a god tier film. I'm glad people love this film, but I'm not one of those people. I liked this a lot less on a rewatch. This is nowhere near as interesting on a rewatch. I didn't even like the first vignette on a first watch, but I liked it even less on a rewatch. The second vignette is good, but nothing spectacular. The third vignette is still my favorite, but it's nowhere near as interesting on a second viewing. The ending of the third vignette is exceptional though. The last vignette is very well shot, but once again it's nowhere near as interesting on a second viewing. I know I'm going to get my ass beat for this review, but it's the truth. This is just propaganda with amazing cinematography. This film feels very dated. All of the American characters are horrible. Cuba absolutely hates this film because of what it's about. In conclusion this has some of the greatest cinematography I have ever seen, this is definitely a film any aspiring filmmaker should see, but other than the cinematography this isn't anything spectacular. Sorry Cynic

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