Superbad ★★★½

Oltimer recommendation: Movie 4

This is so much fun. It's obviously not perfect, but you can tell everyone had fun making it, and it's well made in a lot of ways. All of the acting was great. Michael Cera played Michael Cera like usual, but I still found his character to be entertaining. McLovin is iconic at this point. He's absolutely hilarious to watch, but personally I liked Jonah Hill much more. There's a lot of great jokes. The camera work is way better than you would expect from this kind of movie. There's a lot of personality to it, and the editing was also pretty great. The second half dragged a little. There's like 15 minutes that could have just been removed, but I still really enjoyed this. I've already seen it multiple times, and I can see myself rewatching it again in the future. Thanks for the recommendation Olsuperbad. I actually hate these nicknames

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