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  • House of Gucci

    House of Gucci


    Yikes. I just can't comprehend what was going through Jared Leto's mind when he gave this performance. What was he aiming for? The dialogue, the accents, the line delivery, it all would make for the most fantastic satirical farce. And yet the film aims for a completely straight tone, making this a boring and confusing slog.

  • RRR



    I'm placing this on the same scale as Cats and Cat in the Hat. That its so ridiculous and utterly entertaining yet not in any way that I'd consider good, I actually have no clue whether this is a film I like or not. Over the top in every way, more slow motion than a Zack Snyder movie, and the worlds longest dance scenes. I'm purely confused if I'm honest!!

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  • West Side Story

    West Side Story


    So a while back I said that I thought Steven Spielberg had lost his touch, and that his filmography during and after the 2010's marked a decline in the quality of his films. I'd like to formally apologise for ever thinking that because oh my goodness, West Side Story is nothing short of exceptional. This is now my 5th favourite Spielberg film and without a doubt holds its own against the perfection of his earlier career.

    Spielberg's adaptation of West…

  • Eternals



    Eternals truly is a mixed bag of an MCU film. On the one hand, I applaud this film for being different. It's easily the most stand alone MCU film made so far, with not even the end credits teasing characters already established within the franchise, and you can tell that the film really tried to have its own persona. It's easily the best looking MCU movie - although is that really saying anything? - and there are some thematic threads…