A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master ★★★½

"See you in hell!"
"Tell them Freddy sent you"

The Dream Master takes the series in a new direction, leaning more into the ridiculousness and comedic side, Freddy becomes a wise-cracking icon and the plot is contrived but entertaining enough, especially with the amazing visuals and eccentric characters to back it up.

The remaining dream warriors make a return, and although they don't have too much screen time and Kristen is recast it is nice to see them again even though they have an unpleasant ending. Alice is a great character and my favorite protagonist of the series so far, the way she starts off timid and reserved but becomes more and more confident throughout the movie and reveals more of her mirror until she is ready to see herself in the mirror and fight Freddy is awesome and a great metaphor/gimmick.

The supporting cast is one dimensional and stereotypical but still so much fun, and the karate training montage against Dramarama is awesomely cheesy, the beach scene is great fun, and every kill is unique and related to the characters traits and makes use of some great practical effects.

The Dream Master is the most '80s feeling' film of the series, with amazing visuals, cheesy one-liners, awesome music, corny characters and just an all around fun vibe, it may not be as scary as the previous films but it has its own charm that is just so entertaining!

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