X-Men: First Class

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This review may contain spoilers.

imagine thinking charles and erik aren't in love,,  can't fucking relate. "There's so much more to you than you know" i'm fucking crying i've seen this movie so many times and it still fucks me up Bitch like what the fuck i'm so glad that motherfucker shawn or whatever his fucking name is dead he Deserved that fucking coin through his stupid head little ass Bitch and when erik stopped them missiles my head explodes every damn time that shit is breathtaking bro anD THEN "she didn't do this Erik, you did" well there goes my fucking heart and soul but NO that doesn't end there "i can't feel my legs" follows and boom i'm in my fucking grave But Then i rise to fucking slap bitch all those white dudes especially the one who says "gentlemen this is why the cia is no place for a woman" Shut the Fuck up thanks MUTANT AND PROUD BITCH

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