Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

''I spent a lot of time at supermarkets. Shopping.''

The first third of this movie feels like it was written by an AI that's only been fed David Lynch movies, traveller call-out videos, and clips of amateur stand-up sets bombing because the jokes are too edgy.
This is easily the best part of the film. It's so completely insane that it borders on genius.

Eventually the film settles into a rhythm of gritty, dark arhouse-action that feels straight out of 2012—Killing Them Softly and Out of the Furnace being the obvious touchstones, though, like those films, Wrath of Man is also clearly extremely influenced by Michael Mann's films.

Honestly, the only real problem with Wrath of Man is that Guy Ritchie opted to do virtually every effect in the film with CGI.
The gunfights have no weight to them, no sense of danger, despite the great sound design, because all the blood and bulletholes are all so clearly artificial. This isn't even mentioning the CGI impact flashes with no bulletholes under them when they dissapate—come on Ritchie, this is Sion Sono levels of laziness!

Still, Wrath of Man is a good film. I just wish it had that little element of practical bite to push it over the edge into being something really standout.

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