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  • The City of Lost Souls

    The City of Lost Souls


    ''Take care of him. You're the coolest woman.''

    Brazillian shanty-suburbs.
    Kunbang obsessed triads.
    Psychotic yakuza enforcers.
    Dodgy Russian travel agents.
    Screaming TV presenters.
    Kung-Fu cockfights.
    Rio de Janeiro as a Sergio Leone fever dream.

    Love conquers all.

    Most of the time.

    The City of Lost souls is Miike's lovingly nationalistic, electrifyingly cosmopolitan, warmly romantic, gloriously exaggerated, beautifully tragicomic take on the rootless minority groups present within Japan.

    Based on a novel by Japanese author Seishu Hase—who has a cameo in…

  • The Blood of a Poet

    The Blood of a Poet


    ''is it not crazy to wake up statues so suddenly from their secular sleep?''

    The black angel with a limp.
    Living Statues.
    Hotel Rooms.
    The dead body and the cheater.

    Pure aesthetics.
    Playful entertainment.

    A half-sleeping odyssey through a field of imagery that's self-consciously devoid of deep meaning; the subconscious deliberately suppressed.

    Structurally biographical, but stripped of all depth that would tie it exclusively to Cocteau, The Blood of a Poet is a shallow but universal treatise…

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  • Terminator: Dark Fate

    Terminator: Dark Fate


    ''You put 100 cops between you and a Terminator, you get 100 dead cops.''

    That seems like a good reason to keep Terminators around.

    Taiwan #1
    Death to the Demoness Western Capitalism!!!!!! 
    Death To 好莱坞!!!!!!

    The future is female.
    The future is illegal immigrants.
    The wall doesn't work, they can just tunnel under it and right into the baby-cages on the border.

    Automation is taking our jobs not Mexicans! Let the Mexicans destroy all of the machines! The Mexicans are the…

  • Chappie



    Metal Gear REX vs Metal Gear ZEF

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  • Apostle



    ''The promise of the divine is but an illusion. Nothing in this world is pure.''

    The Wicker Man by way of Witchfinder General, with lashings of Clive Barker.

    Apostle is a perfectly paced, creeping, sinister slow burn, where even the more cathartic scenes languish in their dirge of dread.

    It's beautiful, intricate, passionate, vicious horror filmmaking.
    it has a sense of style and a cohesion of vision that most horror films can only dream of.
    It's perfectly brilliant in every…

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    ''We'll make a killer of you yet!''

    Hilarious, macabre, baroque.

    Yorgos Lanthimos beats Peter Greenaway at his own game.

    Simultaneously radically experimental and strikingly classical, The Favourite might be one of the most well directed films I've ever seen.

    Every single scene is just perfecly gorgeous.
    Not a moment is wasted.
    Not a single frame is superfluous.
    It's all such a gloriously decadent grotesquerie.

    And this decadence serves as a backdrop for the film's twisting narrative of power struggle, betrayal,…