Ms .45 ★★★★½

''All women do is laugh, and sing, and say the word 'pussy'.''

Death Wish's insane, female, ultraviolent cousin.

Zoe Lund suffers trauma, goes crazy, and kills men in 1980s NYC.
That's it.
Ms .45 is a film that does exactly what it says on the tin, and does it beautifully.

Dark, weird, grim, but also so much fun.
Bugnuts crazy, but it's this subtle, bubbling kind of bugnuts crazy.

And man it's gorgeous.
Iconic moment after iconic moment, and some wild shots that still feel exciting and new today—but also blend perfectly into the film, rather than being there just to call attention to themselves.
Ferrara really is a master of his craft.

God, it's good.