Short Cuts

Short Cuts ★★★★★

What is it about this trip to L.A. that I am catching up with American classics of 30 years ago that I haven't seen since I first saw them in the cinema in the early 90s?

And what is it about Robert Altman that makes him the absolute maestro at coordinating massive casts and keeping the structure fluid and arresting?

Short Cuts is sublime. It's lengthy but it never feels over-extended since it is filled to bursting with memorable scenes, interlocking stories, choice details and pitch-perfect performances. Lyle Lovett is, then as now, to me the weak link but this casting choice is forgiven because what else do you expect from Altman but to throw curve-balls at you? I think Anne Archer's core scene is the pivotal one in the film and Jennifer Jason Leigh's performance is arguably the funniest. But for reasons that anyone who has seen it will instantly appreciate, Julianne Moore still steals the show.

Experienced on glorious 70mm with a pretty much capacity Angeleno audience in Santa Monica, giving vocal reactions aplenty. Which made watching this most Los Angeles of films all the more satisfying.

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