Tenet ★★

First time back in the cinema for six months - and I'm very glad to have gone for the sake of the cinema - but boy, what a mess. Nolan has made a meaningless rollercoaster of a film that sets out to ensure that your interest diminishes over the course of its lengthy running time and tenaciously clings to that purpose. The story-telling is incredibly sloppy - every time there is important exposition (and believe me, this complicated plot requires it), Nolan has something else going on to distract you, be it a showy camera move or background action or overbearing drown-out score. At one point, he has an important death-defying manoeuvre explained with a few coloured markers on a white board by an actor whose delivery could not be less engaged. If he doesn't give a shit about it, why should we?

Myself and my four friends literally lost the plot. We dissected it afterwards and nobody really understood what was going on. It's all bash'n'bang, has a really poor lead performance from John David Washington and the absurd casting of Kenneth Branagh as the Russian Big Baddie, all deep voice and forgetting about his definite articles. It is clearly made for multiple viewings but, unlike previous great work like Interstellar and Inception and Memento, I have no desire whatsoever to revisit this film. Its plot is lost forever to me.

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