A.I. Artificial Intelligence ★★★★

A masterpiece could touch your heart although it dragged a bit. Mean gene, as selfishness, expressed itself so well in the modern fairy tale. Would human be so shameful when broke and deserted the everlasting promise? The sound track music feels the same as the one for Edward Scissorhands (though not the same composer). As it goes to the peak, the huge passionate hope accumulated in the dream and suddenly got destroyed in the real world, not melted, not faded, but vanished in a violent way. Jude Law’s Joe, so charming in the movie, and pls stay away from any character in Sherlock series, which not suited you at all, but more involve in like the hero in A.I, in Closer, or in The Wisdom of Crocodiles. Miracle always happens in fairy tales, but not in this one this time.