Hereditary ★★★★★

Giving Black Panther 1-star and Hereditary a 5-star is the most film-school-student thing to do.

The movies' insane. So much creative direction + editing here, that it will make film-students behead themselves.

I really love how forward-thinking and finely tuned this whole entire movie is. Apart from being freaky af through this mind-bending atmosphere, it manages to to have a solid character arc and fantastic performances. It doesn't devolve it's story in order to create more of a horrifying appeal. It upgrades it's story while creating this richly horrifying atmosphere. It manages to be both freakishly atmospheric and story-wise competent. That's difficult to accomplish. Setting up gorgeous cinematography, and trying to film these wildly imaginative scenes coherently while also paying respect to grand story at hand, IS DIFFICULT TO MANAGE. It's all cohesively done. Hereditary is an achievement.

Feeling a legit, strong 9 to a light 10

IrimiasTarr what do u think?

ClimaxDome: snores

well, I like it, I like it a lot.

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