The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★½

So I saw The Godfather Part 2 and it was fantastic. It's basically an allegory on the image, conception and construction of the U.S.A starting from the carefree days of the immigration period to the security of the 50s. And I feel like this was better than The Godfather. I loved the Godfather more than this boring piece of shat, but I can easily say this movie was far more superior. The technical aspect was far more superior adding a lot more to the original. And by that statement, they made the lighting more emo and moodier, the made the framing the more excellent, the cinematography was also purposeful for illustrating certain points. However, I could easily say the first withheld a lot more stronger performances and a far more stronger narrative. However, this is not a movie focusing on the characters and story. Heck, the story is minimal compared to the first. This is an examination of American culture, assimilation, tragedy, politics, and other boring socio-economic concepts. I mean, I don't want to learn all these boring themes. And I am not joking or patronizing people who hated this movie, this was so booooooooooooring! I am going to post a more thorough review next week in order to line up with the AFI Top 100 Club's schedule. So this review is a pointless log just to keep track of my thoughts. But I loved The Godfather 1 better. My favorite line from this movie was:

"It was an abortion!" I was cracking up. It was alright.

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