Cobain: Montage of Heck

Cobain: Montage of Heck ★★★★★

when i first heard the album nevermind in 1991, i played it over and over and OVER again, for weeks! it really did change everything; i lived it and i loved it. then i went back to bleach, and then to insecticide and then in utero... all of them, i loved. the anger in kurt's voice, the black humour in his lyrics, those beautiful melodies and the raw intensity of those beats: i had not heard anything like it for such a long time, if ever before. it was absolutely amazing: a musical moment for the ages that woke people up and moved me deeply.

the day kurt died, i stayed in bed. people tiptoed quietly around.

thankfully i did see nirvana live in january 1994 and since then i've read almost everything i could get my hands on about the band and/or kurt cobain himself.

needless to say, i was very much looking forward to seeing "montage of heck" so i dragged my husband and son to a screening that ended at 1:00 am, and i'm so pleased to say, it did not disappoint.

witnessing all those home movies when kurt was a child or when kurt & courtney became a couple is both heartbreaking and hilarious. contrary to superficial media reportage, cobain was not simply an angst ridden rock star; he was a super funny, multitalented guy. the film animates his outrageous and intricate art, also including original animation to accompany taped personal accounts of growing up that are narrated by kurt himself. these are cut with live footage and other appropriately bizarre imagery, which combine to make something very much like the mixed tape the film is named after: a "montage of heck."

director brett morgan (with the whole-hearted support of producer frances bean cobain) has made an exceptional film, something that any fan of this band, or any fan of documentary film-making in general, should see. it's just spectacular: warm, hilarious, horrific, angry, gothic, loud, beautiful, shocking, sublime - this film shows us everything that kurt cobain was.

if you can, see it big and see it l-o-u-d!

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