High-Rise ★★★★

this film is visually stunning! there are so many amazing shots of the architecture that i found myself wondering: how does wheatley evoke *that many* different moods just through establishing shots of a high rise? it's mad.

as for the cast, all are excellent: is there anything tom hiddleston can't do? and how great is it to see jeremy irons again? he's a tour de force.

the only real drawbacks are that it's a little long, and the plot-line is rather convoluted: it starts off slowly and then goes from debauched to chaotic very quickly. but given that i haven't (yet) read the j.g. ballard novel on which it's based, i don't know if that's a product of the film adaptation or of the novel itself.

either way, this is one crazy critique of consumer capitalism - much more out of control than snowpiercer. and definitely worth seeing! it's growing on me the more i think about it.

the art design and cinematography alone - wow!

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