The Eyes of My Mother ★★★★

sign me up as a bonafied member of the "borderline films collective", which involves people like sean durkin (director of martha marcy may marlene, a film i love!) and nicolas pesce, director of this wonderful filmic nightmare.

"the eyes of my mother" struck close to home. having grown up on a farm, i understand the horrors of isolation and ... the barn... as people who are unfamiliar with such spaces do not.

francesca, our protagonist, has lived a horrific and lonely life, utterly traumatized by her childhood, and thus passing on the trauma in an effort to create (secure?) human connection.

shot in luminous blacks, whites & greys, the film captures the nuances of morality and empathy in terrifying ways. the scenes in the forest are stunning in their fairytale starkness: how can one escape these liminal trees? the cinematography and mise en scene, at times, took my breath away, as did the very slow pacing. as viewers we can sometimes underestimate the power of a long take: it can make us squirm, scream...or cry, even.

"the eyes of my mother" is about family heartbreak & the making of a murderer - and it will dig deep into your psyche, like a shovel, but it will simultaneously touch you, almost lyrically.

this is a discomforting narrative, needless to say, but it's told with heart.

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