Thelma ★★★½

I haven't seen either Oslo or Louder than Bombs, but I want to now that I have seen this film, which is very good. 'Thelma' could do with a quicker pace and a stronger focus. But the acting, themes and cinematography are all absolutely first-rate.

The film boasts wonderful imagery throughout, from snakes slithering across withered skin, through firey water, wired levitation, and blood seeping into spilled milk, to vulnerable animals, children and women featured within sublime landscapes, and even glowing telekinetic love: it's a feast for the eyes.

The story is multifaceted as well, involving magic, family drama, coming-of-age, and coming-out, with a great ending: the father's fate is perfection, as is the titular Thelma's.

Trier seems to ask his viewers, "when you have the power to call what you want to you, should you?"

His answer is a resounding, "Hell, yes!!!"

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