Constantine ★★★★★

I absolutely treasure this film. Sure, it’s far from a perfect adaptation of the Hellblazer comic on which it’s based but I really don’t care. The cast is literally perfection here with Swinton & Stormare being huge highlights in particular and Keanu giving a deliciously form-fitting performance as the title character in spite of him not fitting the character’s description in the comic. Everyone else is also great and/or at least fun here, it must be added. Also, this film has some of my favorite atmosphere of any film made in the past 25 years and the neo-noir feel in this film is just stunning. I could just live in this grimy universe and what lies within it. Lawrence, Rousselot, Shohan, Lazan, & The VFX team really did a knockout job with this film, it must be said. The score is generic wannabe mystical action thriller filler and there are some moments that drag but all in all this is one of my absolute favorite comic book/graphic novel adaptations and my personal favorite out of a very hit-and-miss filmography of director Lawrence. Welcome to my life.

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